US Visa and Entry Requirements

The following summary is provided by Visit USA as a service to UK-USA travellers and is for guidance only. It gives only outline information and, by definition, it is not totally comprehensive. Entry regulations are subject to change and we are therefore unable to accept responsibility for this information nor provide any further advice by phone or e-mail.

All related questions should be referred to the US Embassy – call the US Embassy’s Live Operator Information Service 09042 450100 (calls charged from £1.20 per minute, depending on phone used) or visit the US Embassy website on

US Visa Waiver Program
Under the US Visa Waiver Program, many British Citizens holding a UK passport do not require a US visa providing:
1. Duration of stay is not more than 90 days and traveller holds a valid ticket for onward or return travel.
2. Passport is valid for at least 90 days from date of entry into the United States.
3. Travel is for business, tourism or transit only.
4. Traveller is not a journalist on assignment nor an individual seeking gainful employment.
5. Traveller has never been arrested (even if the arrest did not lead to a conviction) and has not been convicted of a crime.
6. Traveller has not been refused entry into or deported from the United States and has not previously violated the terms of admission under the visa waiver program.
7. Traveller is in possession of an individual machine readable passport.
8. Travellers must apply for authorisation to travel, under the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) at least 72 hours prior to travelling to the USA.

International travellers who are seeking to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program must apply via the "Electronic System for Travel Authorisation" for permission to travel to the USA. There is now a charge of $14 for this authorisation which is valid for 2 years or until your passport expires if sooner. For more information and to apply for your ESTA visit the Electronic System for Travel Authorization page. (

Secure Flight is a behind the scenes program that enhances the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the use of improved watch list matching. By collecting additional passenger data, it will improve the travel experience for all airline passengers, including those who have been misidentified in the past. When booking passengers flying to, or within the USA, we are required to provide the following Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) to their airline prior to ticketing: First name, middle name(s) and surname - exactly as they appear on your passport; Date of Birth; Gender; Redress Number (This is a unique 13-digit identifier issued by the Department of Homeland Security to individuals who have previously been misidentified as being on the terrorist watch list).

If we have booked your flights please click here to submit your information.

The airline will transmit this information to the TSA, who will use it to perform watch list matching. This serves to prevent individuals on the No Fly List from boarding an aircraft and to identify individuals on the Selectee List for enhanced screening. After matching passenger information against government watch lists, the TSA transmits the matching results back to airlines. For further information on the TSA's Secure Flight Passenger Data please click here.

Travellers must supply Advance Passenger Information to their airline when they check-in or they will be unable to fly. The following is a list of required information: Full name (last name, first name, & middle name if applicable); Gender; Date of Birth; Nationality; Country of residence; Travel document type (normally passport); Travel document number (expiry date and country of issue for passport); Address of the first night spent in the USA.
Some of this information will be already be in the airlines' system, taken from the Secure Flight Passenger Data you provide.

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